The Void


the-voidShortly after delivering a patient to an understaffed hospital, a police officer experiences strange and violent occurrences seemingly linked to a group of mysterious hooded figures

Run Time: 95 mins
Starring: Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh and Daniel Fathers

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Novo Cinemas (IBN Battuta Mall / IMAX), Dubai Screen: 9 (Apr 20, 2017 to Apr 26, 2017)
 8:00pm 9:50pm 11:40pm
VOX Cinemas Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Screen: 3 (Apr 20, 2017 to Apr 26, 2017)
 9:00pm 10:00pm 11:00pm 12:00am
Screen: 2 (Apr 20, 2017 to Apr 26, 2017)
Screen: 7 (Apr 20, 2017 to Apr 26, 2017)
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