Abood Kandaishan


Abood-KandaishanAbood Kandaishan is a comedy about a simple-minded person, who has worked in a company for 13 years and is transferred from Hmem in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. Abood seeks out to use his clout and write a letter of ‘wasta’ or influence to stop his transfer papers from coming through. Over the course of the weekend, his answer arrives on a blue night.

Run Time: 90 mins
Director: Fadil Al Muhairi (as Fadel Almheiri)
Writers: Fadil Al Muhairi (as Fadel Almheiri) , Abdulrahman Al Nakhi
Stars: Abdulrahman Al Nakhi, Jamal H. Iqbal, Nooh Al Hamadi

  • Rating
  • G